My ©LEGO story

Playing with ©LEGO as a kid is the same as playing with ©LEGO as an adult, on one exception. You not only play with ©LEGO, you build with ©LEGO.

Actually you only start using all the possibilities of ©LEGO as an adult, when using Advanced Lego Techniques to create small or big masterpieces of your own.

Beginning to adapt existing ©LEGO sets, you soon start to create you own buildings, scenery, ...
These models are calles MOC, which stands for My Own Creation.

Builders like Derfel Cadern, Cesbrick en Legonardo Davidy, inspire me to make the future build better then the last, and to keep on going further in making my MOCs more and more the masterpiece I am trying them to be.

I hope this site can bring you the inspiration to start making your own models, so in the future I can see your MOC's on some ©LEGO events!

Succes ťn veel plezier!